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Welcome to Dragon Rose Holistic – Wellbeing

Previously to setting up Dragon Rose Holistic, my original business was Feel Good Naturally, which I set up in 2012 after starting my training as a Nutritionist and Mindfulness practitioner.

Throughout the years I have learnt more about the Brain and Gut connection, the power of the mind over the body.  Throughout the day most people may have a mixture of feelings of low and high.   Getting caught in the rain may make people feel low but when the sun comes out or a rainbow appears then people might feel high.

There are several ways people can get in touch with their feelings and understand how/when they are feeling low and how we can trigger positive thoughts and emotions.

So if you are feeling:-

Unmotivated, lethargic, tired with no energy?

Stressed and overwhelmed with life and/or work?

Irritable, moody and sleep deprived?

Anxious, angry or depressed?

Unloved and unappreciated?

Then I can help.  If you are not feeding your mind, body and soul the right nutrition, whether that’s through food or thoughts, then you will be feeling out of kilter.  Let me help balance all the areas in your life.

The programmes I offer can assist you to work on calming and understanding your brain, heart and gut.  Each one is connected and they all need to be nurtured fully.


Mindful Eating


If you want to improve your mobility and want to understand your body more then try

Walking for Health

White Feather Qigong


To book call 07857 223135 or email Jackie@dragonroseholistic.co.uk


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